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For those who might want it, Book of DALETH is available in hard copy at Lulu Publishing and their affiliates but I would suggest you not buy one. The hard copy would look nice on your desk, but it is expensive and dated. Essentially the same as the free ebook on the day of its publication 13 May 2008, the Lulu version is only 284 pages rather than the current 314 page free ebook plus bonus files.


The Lulu book has a navy cloth cover and a color jacket. The jacket is glossy white and will not show smudges, the book’s photos, graphics, and text are crisp and easy to read. For collectors, the book title reads Book of Death on the cloth cover under the jacket.

The exclusive purpose of this book has always been to reach as many as possible as soon as possible. There is no profit motive other than to disseminate understanding. Since one copy has the potential to blanket the world, Book of DALETH is primarily intended as an ebook. You, the many thousands of enthusiastic readers everywhere are its best and only source of promotion. If you believe it is crucial for the world to become aware of the vital information presented in Book of DALETH then please;


Tell your friends about the book,

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Book of Daleth Copyright 2013 Dale Hunter all rights reserved.
Click to download a FREE copy of Book of Daleth