Book of Daleth

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Book of Daleth
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Reader Review:


I found your book very compelling and interesting. I felt like it was a gift from the universe for which I have been waiting a long time. I decided its message was so powerful: I cannot keep from dispensing its words of wisdom to my friends and others I meet that seem to need help.

Here are some free e-books referenced in the Book of Daleth .




This is an enlightening read for courageous Christians.

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A COURSE IN CONSCIOUSNESS by Stanley Sobottka, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

This can be a very valuable read for serious seekers.

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PLATO’S REPUBLIC courtesy of Project Gutenberg

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Click here to download George Orwell's 1984


Book of Daleth Copyright 2013 Dale Hunter all rights reserved.
Click to download a FREE copy of Book of Daleth