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There is an ancient wheel that is forever new. The rim is our lives turning around and around in continuous cycles of birth and death. The hub is the single unmoving center. Radiating from the center a thousand spokes connect to our being. At any point in space-time, there exists for all a unique path to the center.



I had not known such a thing existed.

It was totally unexpected. But, rather than it being a crucifixion, a death experience of the collapse of the ego as most have described, it was a very natural spontaneous falling in. It was a comfortable homecoming, a melting without resistance.

This phantom which is “I” was drawn to the mountain,

Fell through the looking glass,

Burned a hole in space-time,

Dissolved in the infinite void,

And, beheld for my Self,

the center of the labyrinth.

The inconceivable Emitter of all that is, and is not.

The Perfect Power and the Absolute Expression.

Liking as unto an infant,
meditating in the silent womb beyond infinity,

the nameless O N E,

to be…


Who else could it be?

“Heaven” is not a place, it is a state. Any place is subject to age, decay, transformation. Heaven is a returning to our Source. Union with the ONE. The ONE is abiding perfection, outside of all encompassing, a constant pure being, without describable quality. A waking out of the dream of seeming, a becoming what we have always been.

Dimensionless. As is awareness, thought, idea.

In returning, we do not “retrace” our awareness back to the Emitter. It is a dissolving of the layers of obscuring illusion, allowing our always present original awareness to become revealed. A knowing.

What we take to be our personal awareness is in truth the awareness of the ONE, at a distance. Awareness is like a funnel, the big end at the ONE, and the little end in our physical mind. The closer we approach the ONE, the more our awareness encompasses, and the smaller becomes our sense of self, our isolation. We simultaneously “shrink” and “expand.” All opposites are reconciled. All limitations are discarded, all distractions are forgotten, all “seeming” burned in the fire of knowing, and fused in the furnace of being. Until.. all that remains is “THAT” which is.


It is inconceivable, the Absolute of all attributes, beyond naming. But, it is not in the least intimidating. It is incredibly gentle, loving. It is me. And, it is you. And, all that is. And, all that is not. Perfect power is perfect gentleness. And we are THAT.

There will come a day,

when you forget about being your name,
care nothing for ostentation,
power or wealth,
pleasures of the senses become stale,

when your whole being is driven by one thing only…

The desire to know.

Then, you may suddenly and spontaneously fall into yourself.
Your mind will open,

and all of the Universe will scroll before your eyes,
and you will see,
and you will remember.
and you will know!

Knowing and seeing will no longer be second hand, as we experience in our physical body; sensual experiences converted to electrical impulses, in turn converted in the mind to working concepts, of a seeming reality. Ideas and reflected thoughts derived from language and words and second removed sensual experience, highlighted by occasional glimpses of intuition. We, a part of, and yet separate from, the material universe.

The realization that you were in a dream, and are now freed from that dream, brings with it great joy. You realize for certain that you are much more than you seemed to be. That all you ever hoped, all you ever suspected, is true. You are, in fact, indestructible, absolutely secure, and timeless. You are older than old, pure, intelligent, aware, energy. That energy is the seemingly omnipotent power of pure crystalline thought. Not a reflection of thought, as we experience in our physical self. Not concepts and sensual interpretations, but direct perceptions.

Free at last!
Free at last!
Thank God almighty!
I’m free at last!

M.L. King

We find ourselves no longer cast out and separate, but inside. Our sequential thinking has become pure thought being. No longer a prisoner of our bodies, we realize beyond all doubt that all things, all matter, is purely “Idea,” that we and the Universe are but a projection of the Conceiver of that idea.

Matter and time no longer exist, except as an idea which is also us. What we took to be our self is seen to be only an idea projection of our boundless real Self, which is in turn an idea projection of something beyond. Although we are aware that we, and matter, are of the same substance, and we can, therefore, manipulate matter at will from this state of pure thought, it does not seem important to do so. Since, from here, our self and matter is only an idea, a trivial concept, a tool that no longer bears any relevance. We feel only the beckoning of the beyond. Will only to know at last, THAT!

The Unmoving Center

Pure energy, the energy is thought…the thought is idea…the idea is everything that ever was, is, will be everywhere, anywhere, nowhere. Driven only by the longing for the wholeness of our being, willing only for absolute knowing, to go on as far as can be gone; all that “was” vanishes, and we disappear into depths beyond infinity, become an unbounded expansion within an invisible indivisible point,

“Smaller than a mustard seed.”

And we go beyond, to before and besides.


Shadow and light, white wind in the night.

Pure and harmless, childlike, and forever.


The nameless ONE of many names.

The emitter of all.

The Knower.

What we,

you and me,

have always been.

There is a vast difference between what we seem to be and what we are. The difference between our apparent self and our real Self (atman) is the difference between reflected moonlight and direct sunlight.

The difference between the Self and the ONE (Brahman) is the difference between sunlight, and being the sun! The difference between the self and the Self is the difference between water in a bottle and clouds. The difference between The Self and the ONE is the difference between clouds and being the seas.

If you do not remember, it is not because you cannot remember. Because you are not aware of the knowledge, does not mean the knowledge is not there. You eat an apple, and the body converts that apple to energy and body tissue. You can do it, but you are not aware of how you do it.

“And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep.”

Your conscious mind is the spirit moving upon the surface of the water. What you are aware of in your conscious mind is only the reflection of what you actually are. What is actually there is broader and deeper than you can imagine.

It is boundless, timeless, beyond infinity.

And, it is accessible.

There is a place where past, present and future merge into an invisible point. In a timeless eternity, there is no past or future. All past and future is in the present. There exists only the singular, ever present emanation of now.

The, I AM.

Mind stretches continuously from here to the ONE and continuously from here the other way, into the atom to no one knows where. What we experience as thought, and senses, is but a narrow band of that continuous medium. Just as what we experience as light and sound is but narrow bands of a continuous medium that extends both ways and includes radio, TV and microwaves of which our senses remain unaware.

The layers of consciousness are established by the range of sensitivity of the beings inhabiting that band, and often overlap. The outer waves are the “dreams,” and the inner waves are the “dreamers,” and really there is no difference since all is dream and all is dreamer, and all is one. The waves of Mind get purer and more powerful, as they approach the center, and less apparent as they approach matter.

The decent of Mind into matter, and the ascent back to the ONE, is the periodic “breathing out and the breathing in” of consciousness, fluctuating in and out between the three layers within the waves. That is why nothing dies, and everything is alive, because everything that seems to be is simply a band of Mind frequencies within the common Mind, periodically shifting position within the bands.

We must realize that Mind is all there is. Everything and everyone is the same Mind. We do not change “states of existence” from one plane to another, but only change range of sensitivity as we evolve back through the emitters, to the O N E perfect mind from which we began. This same range of frequency principle is apparent in the structure of the material world.

The Ultimate Non-existence of Matter

Our body only appears solid because of the scale. Actually we are composed of atoms. Protons, electrons and neutrons, which are in turn composed of things like quarks. The structure of these atoms is such that we are composed mostly of space, with the tiny atom components widely separated, similar to the stars in the night sky. A sub atomic particle from the sun could pass right through us and never hit anything.

Further, when we look at atomic particles themselves we find they too are separated by enormous distances. And, they are not really particles at all but merely tiny packets of balanced energy.

Our body and all matter is simply a force field. Essentially, there is nothing there. It is like a box that the Chinese have. You open the box, and there is another box inside. Open that and there is another, then another. Finally you get to the last tiny box. You open that one and it is empty.

Or, it is like an onion. You peel off the outer layer, and there is another, then another. You continue peeling until you get to the center, and there is nothing.

We have an invisible mind governing a body that is not there.





It may be hard for you to believe now,
but I can tell you the truth.
What you feel to be your life,
your thoughts, your indivduality
and isolation, your troubles, and elation…

are only I M A G I N A T I O N .

I can tell you the truth,
and please believe.

When you finally, fully, realize,

Where you are,
Who you are, and
What you have been doing,

IT is so beautiful!

IT will buckle your knees,
double you over,
wrench your heart,
and make you cry so,
that you think you will die.






Book of Daleth Copyright 2013 Dale Hunter all rights reserved.
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