Book of Daleth

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Book of Daleth by Dale Hunter

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For more than 5000 years these profound secrets have been carefully shielded from public dissemination in the belief that something holy and sophisticated could not be appreciated or comprehended by an uncultured audience. Jesus in Mathew 7:06 advised, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet.” The Masonic motto is, “See all, hear all, and say nothing.” The classic admonition has always been, He who knows does not say. He who says does not know. Nobody has ever publicly disclosed the meaning of the hidden messages embedded within many common cultural icons. The revelations in these pages do just that. The coded messages indicate something far greater than the apparent is hidden deep within each of us. They tell us we are very much more than we believe ourselves to be. The message speaks loudly and eloquently from the past on its own behalf. We have only to listen.

For those who have found,
And those who seek,
That which,

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Click to download a FREE copy of Book of Daleth.

Our culture is oriented towards keeping us unaware of what we do not know because man will not seek what he does not know until he knows he does not know it... Thus this book is that you shall know you did not know.


Book of Daleth Copyright 2013 Dale Hunter all rights reserved.
Click to download a FREE copy of Book of Daleth